March 7, 2017

Things To Do In St. George In The Spring

St. George is one of the best places to visit while in Utah, especially during early spring! St. George is a desert climate, so it starts warming up here a lot sooner than most of the rest of the state. Which makes it a lot easier to get out and enjoy the sunshine filled activities the Southern utah is so famous for! Here are a few of our favorite spring activities to do in St. George.

Pioneer Park/Dixie Rock

This is a great family friendly are IN TOWN that is super fun to hike. Experience a stunning view of St. George from atop the Dixie Rock, hike around the gint boulders and through a tiny slot canyon. There are multiple picnic tables where you can enjoy lunch.

Photo Credit: Adam Metcalf on flickr

Fiesta Fun – Go Carts, Mini Golf, Batting Cages

With the weather warming up, you can enjoy a day filled with outdoor fun at Fiesta Fun! For those speed racer adrenaline lovers, hop in a go-cart and race your friends. Mini golf is always a fun, relaxing outdoor activity, or enjoy smashing baseballs in the batting cages.

ATV Trails

Want to get out and enjoy the outdoors but need a little more of a thrill? Try renting ATV’s and hit the trails surrounding the area. This is a fun and exciting way to get outdoors and experience what St. George is all about!

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February 28, 2017

Plenty to Do for a Memorable Family Vacation at Sanibel Island Florida!

The kids, hubby and other family members just seem restless. You are now tired of the usual boring daily schedule and it just hits your mind that it is that time when family vacation is inevitable. But where on earth will you start? The list of vacation options is just overwhelming. Well, have you ever considered a Family Vacation at Sanibel Island Florida? It is regarded as one of the best holiday destinations for families, spouses, singles, or even friend-get-together vacations. A vacation in this astounding resort/ lodge is time well-invested in tranquility, relaxation, long-lasting family memories.

Sanibel Island
Photo Credit: Charlie Whelton on flickr

• The amazing Sanibel Island Florida boasts of some of the most unique amenities. Its 475 feet private beach situated at the sparkling Gulf of Mexico is heavily endowed with an abundance of seashells. The homely clubhouse has plenty to offer for the whole family. With an exclusive screen-in, warm fresh pool water at the resort and an irresistible sun deck you can rest assured that all your needs are catered for.

• Also available at the resort are two all-weather tennis courts for the tennis enthusiasts. Irrespective of your level of skill in the game you will be enjoy spending your time here. A day at Sanibel is a beehive of activity for the active and at end of day you can relax and enjoy the high speed wireless internet available throughout Sanibel Arms West resort.

• Water sporting is another popular activity when at Sanibel Island. Its boat docks make this possible. This is one of the activities that make vacation condos at Sanibel Island a step ahead of ordinary family hotels on the island. You get to enjoy sport fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, or simply enjoy a cool swim on Gulf of Mexico’s gorgeous blue waters. All these are barely a stone throw away from your condo door.

• Besides recreational activities at Sanibel Island, numerous restaurants and scenic shopping villages are situated in nearby. The intriguing Sanibel Arms West is simply the perfect place for your dream vacation. Widely known for its natural treasures, the island’s extensive white beaches bring in exquisite shells. Animal habitats and bird sanctuaries are synonymous with this island. They make up the wonders of Florida wildlife. What else can you ask for?
The ideal Family Vacation at Sanibel Island Florida provides a spacious comfort and an informal lifestyle that guarantee a total enjoyment of its mind-blowing surroundings. Sit back and relax in your private suite just a few steps from the water’s edge. Try fishing right at the beach or at the dock. You can also rent a bicycle and cycle through the island’s paved paths. It is just a place that is worth all you can afford to sacrifice.

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February 14, 2017

Helpful Tips for Traveling On a Budget

Traveling on Budget is really a challenging task, but when you feel you need a vacation very badly, and you want to get refreshed from your routine life, then plan it sensibly. Plan your vacation in such a way where you can spend less and get more entertainment. You should learn the trick to make most out of your vacation expenses. In current working conditions, a vacation is must in your list and these airlines, hotels and travel industry is making it possible by offering discount prices and off season coupons to help people to fulfill their dream vacation.

Photo Credit: PRO401(K) 2012 on flickr

1. Check for discount fares: Check for discount fares regularly because some airlines offer discount fare to promote their airlines. Sometime when they have compilation for the same destination, this airline industry offers discounts on air tickets, which can help you save money for your trip.
2. Travel in International airlines to explore the world: currently there is lot of changes happening in the airline industry. Several carries are having an agreement; there is an agreement between Europe and United States, and various other overseas carries that are flying between America and European cities.
3. Rent a condo or a house: If you are travelling with a family or groups, then it is suggestible that renting a condo or house could be much cheaper than hotel rooms. The studies also proved that renting a house can help you save lots of dollars if you choose to stay in rental house instead of hotel during your vacation. It is probably a good choice for smaller destination where you cannot find moderate hotel, even if you find one, they will provide minimal facilities. Similarly if you are travelling to big cities, there you will find only expensive hotels.
4. Choose Small Hotels: If you are on vacation, don’t go for big luxury hotel as you will be out the entire day exploring the place, you need the room to sleep and get fresh. So it is ideal to choose a small hotel to save money.
5. Choose a good destination: choose a bargain destination, some places offers year-round discount offers to encourage tourists, the places like Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Hungary, Slovenia, Dominican Republic, Panama, and Peru. These destinations offer good deals and discount prices for the convenience of tourists.
6. Choose an off-season location: Choose the location that offers very good deals during off-seasons. During summer some places like Central America, Mexico, Caribbean, and South America offers very good deals and the places will be less crowded, for you to enjoy more.

Travelling on a budget can be possible if you have a proper planning. You can enjoy more while spending less. Follow the above mentioned tips and save money. Taking a vacation is the best way to windup all your worries and get refreshed to start your routine again

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February 7, 2017

5 Simple Tips for Finding a Cheap Family Vacation

So now you are tired of the boring daily routine and want to flee even if it is for a weekend. It is surely that time of the year when a family vacation is just inevitable but where then do you even start? With the planning and all expenses associated with family vacations your dream seems unachievable. Well, did you know that cheap family vacations are available and offer great opportunities to unwind and bond with your family? In this article you will get a glimpse of the many inexpensive family vacation options available without need of breaking your hard-earned dime;

Vacation :-)
Photo Creit: Ben Lee on flickr

1. Search for places near your home

Given the fact that gas prices have sky-rocketed for the last few years, it has become increasingly near impossible to undertake long-distance family vacations. To avoid this huge expense and enjoy a peace of mind during your vacation avoid long distance travels. If possible look for an exciting attraction spot near your home preferably less than 300 miles away. This way you will cut down on travelling expenses and have a memorable experience even if it is for the weekend.
For those who reside in a rural setting they can have a cheap family vacation by visiting nearby parks, scenic routes, or recreational lodges. Just try searching the internet and you will be amazed with the number of places that pop up.

2. Carry along your entertainment

You can save a lot on cost if you carry various entertainment items such as board games, golf clubs, roller skates, fishing lines, and many others. You can do this in cases where the vacation suite or rental allows enough space for storage.
You can also carry along cards or movies to keep you indoors and avoid unnecessary evening spending.

3. Look for places that offer free fun

You can cut down on expenses by searching for destinations that offer built-in activities such as beaches and mountains. With this kind of arrangement you will a great time hiking, swimming, or even relaxing and enjoying the breathtaking views.

4. Avoid eat-outs

Do you know that most vacationers spend a lot of the money eating out and drinking when compared to lodging expenses? Well, that is true and if at all you want to cut down expenses during your vacation, you have to select a rental vacation where you can prepare your own meals instead of eating out. It will be even more challenging to eat out if you never saved for it in advance. Remember also that most meals bought outdoors tend to be below standard when compared to what you prepare for yourself. Furthermore, you fully understand your family members’ favorites and a family vacation offers that opportunity to put a smile on their face by giving them their favorite meal.

5. Make your booking during off-peak seasons

Take advantage of off-peak seasons when vacation packages are cheap. This is due to the fact that few people are making reservations during this time. Off-peak seasons tend to be during end of summer just before schools open and before Memorial Day.

With these simple tips you can easily get ideal cheap family vacations.

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January 30, 2017

Items to Pack in Your Emergency Travel Bag

No one hates traveling since it is a fun thing to do, and if you travelled, you do not know what you are missing. There is a misconception that traveling has to be from one country to another or a vacation in a popular place and spend a lot of money. Not all traveling plans are such. Some people travel for business in other places or just visiting family and friends.

The most famous traveling trips are either camping or vacations with family members though. To make traveling exciting, plan for a spontaneous on and experience the adrenaline rush of fun and happiness at the same time. While planning for such a trip, you will need to do some packing depending on where you are going but there are basics that you should always be in your emergency travel bag. We have listed the most important things and differentiated them into sub topics.

Photo Credit: Neontronseo on flickr


Anywhere you go, you will have to carry a pair of clothes. Therefore it is essential to ensure the following items in your travel kit.

1. A clean shirt and a pair of trouser, jeans or shorts- two sets of clothes for a weekend trip will allow you to change your clothing. Though this will depend on the type of trip, you can decide to carry also official clothes just in case. You never know what may happen. In case you plan on extending the trip, you can wash on pair and wear it after a day. In any case, ensure you pack light. If you have to bring jeans, wear them on transit to increase the luggage space. Avoid packing linen as it creases easily.

2. A jacket-a jacket with a hood will sure keep you warm and at the same time act as a water-repellant in case of rains. You can also bring an anorak since it can fold and get zipped thus save space. Also in case you come with a “hoodie”, wear it in transit.

3. Under garments- you will have to pack these too since as you change your clothes, you will also change them. as for the ladies, carry non-padded bras to avoid the padding to get crushed in the bag. If it a must, stuff your panties and anything else soft in the padded cups and make sure you face them together to create a round shape that will fit the paddings. Another way is to carry it in another bag.

4. Socks-pack at least one pair in case it gets cold. For hiking trips, pack more.

Bathing basics-

It is said cleanliness is second to Godliness. Therefore, people will have to bath when on the trip and thus have to carry their own things.

1. Toothbrush and toothpaste- always carry toothpaste and toothpaste to avoid bad mouth odor. A retractable toothbrush is ideal as it saves the space in your bag. Toothpaste that has a twist cap is the best since it is easier to use and less messy.

2. Shampoo, soap and deodorant-carrying soap is a must; shampoo is a luxury for women as they use it for their hair while the deodorant will help with the bad body odor due to spending the day in the sun. Always choose small bottles of the items to save space. Instead of soap, you can use facial scrub and it is beneficial as it comes in a tube thus less messy than a bar soap.

3. Bathing towel- instead of a large towel, consider bringing two smaller towels that are thin as it will help save up on space. Extra absorbent towels such as Aquazorbs are the best.
4. Sanitary napkins as well as panty liners- ladies must have this itinerary on hand so that they should not run out of them since buying them in places where they are less equipped making them expensive. Also, you should have tampon stocks since they are not available in rural areas.

Wet set-
There may be chances you may come in contact with water either for fun or as for need.

1. Swimsuit-always have a swimsuit in the kit in case you or your friends decide to go swimming either in the beach or in a water park. Have it in a Ziploc bag for easier packing.
2. Slippers-rubber slippers are a must when using public washrooms. They can also be used when you are chilling around the pool or when walking around the beach. Not only can they be used in the outdoor activities, also in bathrooms when staying in the hotel.

First-aid kits-

Accidents are prone to happen in some areas and no one knows when and where they would happen. Therefore, it is important for you to be ready in case of anything.

1. Medicine-always pack medicine in case you fall ill during the trip. Pack it in large varieties in case of any king of disease. Pack according to what you know you suffer from. Have medicine for headaches, stomach pains, allergies and any other type of medication. Regularly look if the medication is enough and if it has expired to avoid more problems. Always buy from a legalized chemist after getting checked by a doctor and being handed a prescription for the best drugs.

2. Alcohol and bandages-alcohol, and not beer, is used for disinfecting wounds if you are not in a position to wash them. Store it in a bottle that can be tightly corked. Try to have it in spray bottles. Bandages will help protect the wound from infections or have other cones due to long walking distances.

Practical items-

You also should have some things that are handy and easy to use.
1. Pocket knife- always consider having a multi-purpose pocket knife such as a Swiss army knife. Such a knife can help you for protection, open bottles, cut up a knife and many more uses.

2. Flashlight-you always must have a flashlight just in case the lights go off or in case you go out in the dark. Thus, have some spare batteries in case the current batteries go out. You can carry the manual powered flashlights that have a small dynamo crank. Cranking by hand will allow an hour of light.

3. Insect repellant- you will have to equip an insect repellant just in case you go in the woods infested with insects such as mosquitoes.

4. Map-consider carrying a map for areas you do not have enough knowledge of. Also carry a notepad in case of updating old maps and also keeping track of the travel times, contact information, directions and more details.

5. Camera- always bring a camera with you in order to capture the best moments of the travelling experience. Remember a charger for the digital cameras, or batteries and films for the old cameras.

6. Cash-final, and most important thing to have with you, is cash as anything can happen in areas with no ATMs. Have it in a separate bag in case to avoid losing money and the bag all at once.

There are lots of things to consider when planning for a trip and an emergency bag surely helps in case of an emergency trip. Stash it in your car or anywhere easily accessible for you.

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January 27, 2017

Best 4 Cost friendly Family Vacation Options

Parenthood is exciting but it does not come cheap. It is synonymous with two aspects; it is exhausting and is expensive in every sense. With regard to taking family vacations it is always not easy considering the planning process and costs associated with it. But did you know that there are some cheap family vacation options that can enable you and entire family have a memorable experience? Well, herein are a compilation of some options you can choose from for your family;

1. Ever considered camping?

Camping is one exciting experience that is cheap. Go camping in some of most amazing camp sites such as Bon Echo Provincial Park located in northern Kingston or others that you know of. Take your family to resorts and parks that offer scenic beaches and hiking trails for a wonderful experience. Once there, you may opt to spend a few dollars on a large tent and a few reusable camping gears.

It normally costs barely $40 per night to book a site at Ontario’s provincial park. If you do not like the idea of purchasing a camping gear or fear the thought of sleeping on a tent, then you can buy, rent, or borrow a pop-up trailer. Various companies in Ontario offer affordable trailer packages per night. They set up the trailer for you before your arrival and disassemble it after you leave.

Stress-free family vacation
Photo Credit: Lagniappe Destinations on flickr

2. Family time at the Beach

Canada is well endowed with some of the most fascinating beaches. With its abundant clean, fresh, clear ocean waters and lakes you get to have a memorable vacation with your family. All that will cost for such a trip is the gas used to get there. To even further save on any unnecessary expenditure at the hefty-priced beach stalls, visit a nearby stall before the trip and purchase enough buckets, toys, beach balls, and any other toy to keep the kids entertained once they get bored with playing with the water.

3. A Day Trip

You can plan for a day trip for an amazing experience for your kids after the week-long tiring hustle and bustle of life. Just compile a list of some short day trip destinations. There are plenty of low cost options available and all you need to do is carry out your research for great deals and discounts. You can get this information from popular websites or even your local tourism offices. Here are some examples of great day trip options;

• A visit to the museum-you can visit a local museum or heritage site. In summer many sites hold commemorations to mark major events therefore take advantage of this.
• A visit to the park-if your kids love out-doors then take them to local provincial parks or sites since most of them offer free access during public days. They can engage in activities such as hiking, swimming, bicycle riding, nature excursions, and many others during this trip.
• Library visit-you can take your family to public libraries since they offer free children’s activities that include book reading, song dinging, art and craft, and many others.
• Do something new-you can drive away for an experience you have never had before. If you are city dwellers consider taking a trip up-country to a farm or ranch where you can see livestock up-close. If you reside in the rural area, take your family to the big city and engage in various exciting activities such as driving through the subway or riding a high-rise elevator.
• Visit a water park-end the exhausting week by visiting a water park or amusement park.

4. Organize a picnic

Picnics are cheap family vacation options as well. Prepare well in advance and pack everything needed prior to the visit especially meals. It is oftentimes very expensive to buy meals during trips and most of the times they are not even up to standard. Involve the kids when devising a menu for the outing and I can guarantee they will have the best day of their lives. If they get the chance to pick their favorite treats and sandwich toppings, they will be less likely to nag when you walk by the tempting burger truck.

Consider these options and you can save a lot while enjoying the family vacation.

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September 16, 2016

Top Spas In St. George Utah

St. George is full of high class spas where you can get pampered beyond belief. One of the many things that St. George is widely known for is it’s spa’s. St. George is a resort/tourist type of city and the accommodations here reflect that well. We have compiled a list of some of the best spas to visit while you stay with us.

Photo Credit: remi Garcia on flickr

St. George Day Spa

St. George Day Spa offers a plethora of services to help their guests relax and to enhance their natural beauty. They offer pedicures, manicures, massages, facials, waxing and so much more. The moment you walk in the doors, you are given a warm neck wrap and a refreshing beverage and are seated in the relax room while you await your special treatment. The staff and professionals here are amazing and treat every guest with the utmost concern and respect. This is one of the top rated spas here in St. George.

Amara Med Spa

Med spas differ from regular spas as they are run by medical professionals and are able to perform certain treatments that you would not be able to receive at a dayspa. At amara you can choose from a range of different treatments from basic facials, mechanical or chemical exfoliation, cosmetic surgery and more. They give you the day spa feel with a more in depth procedure.

Elite Float Spa

Now this one is really cool! Offering several different treatments like an infrared sauna, massages, spray tans and more. By far the most interesting and relaxing treatment would have to be the float spa (obviously as it’s in the name). The call it “Float Therapy”, Floatation therapy is based on a scientific theory for deep relaxation called Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique or REST for short. It puts you in a deep state of relaxation and completely blocks out all outside distractions. It’s said to help improve sleep, stress, athletic performance and more!

Destinations Organic Salon and Spa

What makes this spa/salon different from the rest, is that they use only the best top shelf, organic products. They offer massages, facials, hair treatments, manicures and more! With an affordable price range for all services it makes a great place to go to while on vacation!

There are many more spas here in St. George if none of these fit your fancy. So get pampered and relax and enjoy your stay with us here in sunny St. George.

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April 25, 2016

4 Ways to Enjoy St George Utah

St. George is a remarkable little gem of a town to visit. Although it seems that not too much meets the eye as you pull in, you will find yourself wondering, “what on earth do the residents of this town do for fun? Surely there is more than a few theatres and a tiny mall?”. Maybe it would be easier to widen your perspective? Look around as you pull in, what do you see other than buildings and roads? That’s right, nature.

Here in our sunny little town, we are never let down by the beautiful landscapes that surround us. We literally have some of Utah’s most unique and mesmerizing Natural State and National Parks just a day drive or less away from us.
Since there is so much desert surrounding St. George, there are also a lot of ATV and horse rentals! Enjoy a scenic desert tour on the back of a horse, or driving a UTV!
We have several Reservoirs as well from Sand Hollow located near Hurricane, to Gunlock located near Ivins. Boating, paddleboarding, and so much more is optional when it comes to our amazing lakes!


Family Fun
Aside from the amazing natural landscapes that surround St. George, there are also a lot more activities and fun things to do than you would really think. We have Fiesta Fun which is a family fun center that was recently remodeled and offers bowling, laser tag, arcade games, mini golf, batting cages, go carts, and so much more!
There are several museums here in St. George as well that show off the history of the city as well as wildlife and geology. The Children’s museum has an array of different style rooms and activities for your children to enjoy, then there is the dinosaur museum which tells the history behind the dinosaurs that used to rule this land as well as dinosaur tracks! St. George also has a wildlife museum, and plenty of art museums and showrooms.
Laser Mania is another family fun center similar to Fiesta Fun, where they offer 4D movies, laser tag, mini golf, and much more!


St. George prides itself on being very involved in the Arts, from musicals at Tuacahn, to street art festivals in Kayenta, anywhere in St. George you can be sure to find some form of art. There are several different theatres, most famous here is Tuacahn Amphitheatre. Tuacahn is an outdoor stage where shows like “Grease”, “Little Mermaid” and so much more are performed at by professional dancers, singers, and stuntmen. The stage is framed by the backside of Snow Canyon State Parks stunning red rock formations deep in a canyon. This is quite a fantastic experience for someone visiting for a weekend. There is also Brigham’s playhouse that continuously has different shows going on.
There are several movie theatres as well that play the newest released films if you are just looking for a relaxing night out with a loved one.

Merry Christmas

Another form of art St. George likes to pride itself on, is the form of relaxation. There are many spas here in St. George that offer only the finest massages, facials, and much more at a affordable cost. What is a vacation without a spa visit?
Next to relaxing at the spa is of course, golfing! Golfing is definitely a St. George favorite, with multiple championship courses, who wouldn’t want to spend a day on the green here? Golfing is bar none one of the best things St. George has to offer.

So wherever you are visiting from, and whatever may peak your interest, St. George has something for everyone. Do not be fooled by our “small, boring town” pre-conceived notion. Behind the scenes, there is so much more. St. George is definitely a gem, and a fantastic place for any length of vacation.

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August 26, 2015

Sister Act At Tuacahn


From August 26th until September 12th we will be offering 50% off seating in area 1, 2, 3, or 4.

Sister Act: tells the hilarious story of Deloris Van Cartier, a wannabe diva whose life takes a surprising turn when she witnesses a crime and the cops hide her in the last place anyone would think to look—a convent!

Under the suspicious watch of Mother Superior, Deloris helps her fellow sisters find their voices as she unexpectedly rediscovers her own.

Book your reservation and tickets today! This discount is for new sales only.




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October 6, 2014

Welcome Huntsman World Senior Game Participants!

The Best Western Plus Abbey Inn & Suites would like to welcome all participants coming to this year’s Huntsman World Senior Games! It is the 28th year of having these amazing games here in St. George and we are exciting to have our guests stay with us.

CEO, Kyle Case said there are more than 10,700 athletes that are registered this year. October 6 is when the sporting events start.

Some of the events starting today are:

Lawn Bowls, Social Golf, Race Walking, Power Walking, Road Races, Softball, Square Dance, Table Tennis, Track and Field. Other events that will continue until October 18th are: Archery, Basketball, Pickleball, Volleyball, Swimming and more!

Tuesday, October 7th at 7:00 PM at the Dixie State University- Hansen Stadium will host the opening ceremonies. It is a free show that features the parade of athletes, local talent and a firework display after.



World senior g2




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